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We can help you take control of the numbers, so you can get back to what you do best.


Questions about Xero?

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Why use Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting platform that was designed to grow with your business. Using this platform consistently with all clients enables us to deeply specialize in accounting workflows and cross-platform integration. We know what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, and how to fix it. 

With Xero in place, we can provide the on-going support you need to focus on what you love to do — building your business.

The real-time visibility of your financial position and performance is simple, smart, and secure. You need support in a matter of minutes, not eight months after the crisis happens. We are committed to meeting the needs of your business through innovative software and with a wide range of support.


Why you’ll love it.

  • Understand your real-time cash position

  • Collaborate online with your accountant, bookkeeper, and team

  • Access your information anytime, anywhere

  • Get paid faster for better cash flow

  • Protect your business data with multiple layers of security

  • Access help when you need it - never be put on hold again


Working with Ian and Dan has been business-changing! Previously my team and I would spend hours each month printing off receipts and organizing them for my previous accountant. It was tedious and expensive. Using this system has been a dream come true. My biggest concern when I started with them in January was if their system would really reduce all the time we were putting in to get our books done - and it has, way more than expected. They are also very easy to work with - and are happy to explain things in layman terms when needed. I highly recommend Maddocks and Mallett.

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Glenyce Hughes



Benefits of Xero.

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Change the public practice model from slow & reactionary to fast & proactive.

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We can now provide CFO level support to our clients in a matter of minutes.

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Better decision making & more assistance when you need it, rather than later.


Why Maddocks + Mallet?

Creating your own business is rewarding, but it becomes complex quickly. This makes it easy to feel overworked and unorganized.

Find peace of mind, knowing our experts are taking care of all of the details. With Maddocks + Mallet handling your information, you can focus on generating extra revenue and focusing on other important parts of your business.