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When we started our firm, and chose our mission of permanently improving our client’s lives, we wanted to deal with a major problem in the public accounting industry. We’ve elaborated on how public accountants make life difficult for their clients in this blog post.

A big part of solving the problem is software selection. Working with multiple accounting platforms increases costs and decreases the level of service in a public accounting firm.

After looking at everything available on the market, we chose Xero. In our professional opinions, it is, by far, the best accounting software available on the market.

We’re fully devoted Xero nerds, and have converted, or are in the process of converting, 100% of our business clients.

The consistent use of one platform across all our clients has enabled us to deeply specialize in accounting workflows and cross-platform integrations. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and how to fix it.

So how does this help our clients? By becoming experts on one platform, instead of mediocre on fifteen, we can respond much faster to client problems. When you combine this with the cloud based nature of Xero, it allows us to monitor our client’s financial records in real time.

Xero has enabled us to change the public practice model from slow and reactionary - to fast and proactive. We can now provide CFO level support to clients in a matter of minutes. This translates to better decision making and more assistance when you need it – not 8 months after the crisis happened.

If you’re searching for an advisor for Xero, then we would love to work with you. Whether you just need help with setup or integration, or you’re looking for fully-outsourced accounting, we’ve got your back.


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