Chartered Professional Accountants

Simple is beautiful.

We’ve seen the statistics. We’ve heard the anecdotes. It’s hard to change accountants. Almost no one does it. Why should you?


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Financial statements are confusing.

Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, you don’t have the information and the confidence you need to take the right kinds of risks.

We want to help, and we begin with understanding. We get to know you and your business, your story in numbers.


How we help.

  • Cloud-based accounting that allows us to work seamlessly together anytime, anywhere.

  • We’re dedicated to building an accounting system for you that is easier and faster than what you are doing now.

  • Reduce the overall cost of running your business and just as importantly, give you the gifts of time and energy.

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Our first consultation is free, an opportunity for us to listen and learn. We want to understand everything about your business and about your administration system. We’ll pay particular attention to what confuses you and causes you pain. We’ll discuss tax planning and establish your current tax status.

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Now things get nerdy. We develop a plan to simplify your administration system and to improve your life. We’ll introduce you to the best accounting software on the market: Xero.

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We really dive into the boring stuff, which gives meaning to our lives. We’ll rapidly get you caught up on all your bookkeeping, tax filings, and any other reporting requirements.

We’ll implement Xero, with a focus on ease and speed. We’ll train your managers and staff to ensure everyone understands it.

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With everything caught up and Xero in place, we can provide the on-going support you need to focus on what you love to do — build your business.

Our basic support includes bookkeeping, payroll, annual financial statements and tax returns. We can also help with financial planning, budgeting, staff training, and month-end close procedures. Regardless of the support you need, we’re your partners. Ask us anything.