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Ian Profile

Ian Stanley-Maddocks



(587) 336 4922

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Dan Mallett



(780) 940 6151


Meet Ian

Ian’s favourite industries: Consulting, online stores, manufacturing, and trades.

You can always tell when Ian's in the room. 'Coz you need ear plugs. Ian has no inside voice. He works from home because nobody else can work around him. When he started working at home, his wife moved her office to the basement.

Ian's an ex-cop. It's probably why he’s so loud. It’s a habit formed by yelling at bad guys. He didn’t need to wrestle anyone - he'd just start yelling and they'd cover their ears and give up.

But all that police work was back in Australia. Since escaping the prison colony to Canada, he's been playing in manufacturing and construction. If your business burns diesel, involves machinery, or builds things, then call Ian.

Ian's take on accounting:

"Accounting is a critical function that helps a business succeed. Without timely, accurate, information you’re exposed to all kinds of risk. Being a CPA is about managing that risk.

“However, we accountants should never forget that the numbers are just there to support operations. We need to do the least amount of work necessary to generate the information required to make good operational decisions. That means keeping it simple and getting information out fast.


Meet Dan

Dan’s favourite industries: Aviation, distribution, professional and investment corporations

Dan crashed a fighter plane, and walked away from the smoking wreck. Actually, he ran, but walking away sounds totally bad-ass. He did a bunch of other stuff in the Canadian Air Force, too, but that's all classified. What happened in REDACTED, stays in REDACTED.

Dan does our security. Sensitive data? No problems. Actually, Dan might be a little REDACTED. But your data is safe. Whilst we can't tell you what Dan was up to before becoming a CPA, we can tell you he's really good at tinkering with information systems. He makes the data sing.

In a service based business, keeping all your accounting ducks in a row is critical. When information starts slipping through the cracks, things can get bad, pretty quick. Dan stops that from happening. With the singing data. From dog fights to tax returns? Explain, please:




Dan's busy tinkering. He'll get back to us later.