How Maddocks + Mallett Can Integrate With Your Current Software

In order to get the most out of cloud accounting, you’ll need to integrate your accounting solution with the other services your business uses. When all of your business services are working together, not only does it makes things more efficient, but it also allows for more automation.

Maddocks + Mallett, along with our cloud accounting provider Xero, can integrate with a number of different software platforms currently used by small businesses.

Here are a few of the most popular services we are able to integrate with.


Hubdoc allows you to import financial documents, such as paper invoices and emails, and export them into data that can be used by your accounting software. Simply take a photo of your document, or forward your email, to get started. From there, Hubdoc sends all of your statements into one secure hub.

By integrating Hubdocs with Xero, you can import data from all of your bills and invoices directly into your accounting software without doing any manual entry. Not only does this save time, but it also cuts down on errors. After Xero, Hubdoc offers most businesses the greatest time savings resulting in the highest return on your software dollar.

DEAR Systems

DEAR Systems is a cloud inventory management system that assists businesses with purchasing, manufacturing, sales, warehouse management, and inventory control. By using DEAR Systems, businesses are able to automate much of the inventory process and provide a much better experience for their customers.

The advantage of integrating DEAR Systems with Xero is that it greatly simplifies your accounting. Invoices, bills, payments, and more are synced directly to your accounting software, ensuring your business always runs smoothly and nothing is ever missed.

In addition, DEAR Systems also integrates with Shopify and Amazon Web Services, allowing businesses to quickly increase their online sales channels as well.


Loft47 is a commissions management system designed specifically for real estate agents. It tracks commissions and automates fees, meaning agents spend less time filing paperwork and doing data entry, and more time helping clients.

When Loft47 is integrated with Xero, all deposits, payments, or bank transfers completed in Loft will automatically sync to Xero. Contact records and agent account balances are also shared with Xero to provide even more valuable data.


Square allows merchants to process payments from virtually anywhere. They offer solutions for both in-person and online sales, making it perfect for brick and mortar operations, e-commerce stores, and virtually any retail operation. They also provide merchants with valuable reports, inventory management tools, and customer purchase history.

By integrating Square with Xero, all of your sales data will be imported directly into your accounting software and converted into an invoice. This allows you to easily collect your money from Square. Xero will then code all of your sales, refunds, Square fees, tips, and sales tax to the correct account.


PayPal provides an online payment solution that allows businesses to easily accept all forms of payment. Merchants can add PayPal to their online checkout to give customers a quick and easy payment option, and businesses can use the company’s invoicing tools to collect payment from customers or clients.

When you integrate PayPal with Xero, all of your transactions are automatically imported to Xero, saving time, cutting down on errors, and making the accounting process much more efficient.


Stripe is an online payment processing service for internet businesses. It can be used to collect payments for e-commerce stores, subscription services, on-demand marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, and more. Stripe also offers solutions for billing, business data, point of sale, and a variety of other business needs.

Integrating Stripe with Xero makes collecting payments extremely easy. Once the two services are synced, customers can pay their invoices online using their debit or credit card. Transactions are then imported into Xero so they can be easily dealt with.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank helps businesses automate the collection, publishing, and processing of receipts. It allows businesses to scan key details from documents and import them into a secure hub, reducing paperwork and data entry.

By integrating Receipt Bank with Xero, you’ll be able to import purchases directly into your accounting software. Receipt Bank will be able to import information such as a bill, expense claim, or spend money transaction, greatly speeding up the accounting process.

Payment Evolution

Payment Evolution provides businesses with secure payroll, HR, and payment services. They help businesses easily pay employees, process electronic payments to suppliers, and provide benefits to staff members. 

When you integrate Payment Evolution with Xero, you can easily import a wide range of payroll and payment data. GL account codes from your payroll are pushed from Payment Evolution onto Xero, and when you pay a vendor, the payment is automatically reconciled with your Xero account as a paid bill.

Have Any Question About Integrating Your Software With Xero?

As you can see, integrating your other systems with Xero provides a number of benefits to your business. If you have any questions about software integration, Xero, or anything else accounting related, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation to help you find the best accounting solutions for your business.

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